Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji

About GS Sharma

Shri Girja Shankar Sharma, also called by his short name i.e. “GS Sharma” is a qualified legal professional. Presently, he is working as ‘General Manager - Litigation’ with One97 Communications Ltd. Earlier he has served the companies like Tata Communications limited and National Thermal Power Corporation ltd in responsible positions. Shri Girja Shankar Sharma started his professional Career from the India’s premier Intelligence agency, called Intelligence Bureau (“IB”) as a Direct Recruit Officer. He has authored 2 books titled “Sukhmani Sahib (Adhyatmic Bhavarth Sahit)” and “Asha Di Var (Adhyatmic Bhavarth Sahit)”. Shri Sharma has also published many research papers, articles, spiritual songs and rhymes. Some of his best known works are ‘Sundar Kand Se Prabandhakiya Siddhant’, Devnagari Ka Manak Roop, Sarkari Karya Avam Anuvad, Manushya Bhi Prakriti Hai, Sab Madhi Joti Joti Hai Soi, Gharhi Muhat Ka Pahuna etc. The author is devoted to spiritual pursuits and knowledge. His continuous endeavour is to bring forth the most talked about theory of “God” in a simplified and superfine manner without generating any input of superstition and KARM KANDA in human mind. “Devotion towards God, the almighty, the omnipresent, the omniscient, the all-pervading, the only KALATEET (beyond the scope of time) and chanting of his NAMA (NAM SIMARAN) truly enlighten the being”, is the belief, which this author follows. Shri Sharma has extensively read various spiritual texts and Granthas such as “Ramayana”, “Mahabharata”, “Upnishads”, “ Puranas”, literatures of the Saint of Centenary Swami Viveka Nanda and mostly spiritual texts of various coved literatures. Worshipping of the Holy Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji in his life time is his final and ultimate goal. May God / the Holy Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj, the Sanche Badshah help him.